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Money by Martin Amis

An ode to Martin Amis

No discussion of who the greatest writers are of the last century is complete without Martin Amis. The passing of this legendary writer, renowned for his razor-sharp wit and literary prowess, leaves a void in the literary community. With a career spanning decades, Amis produced a diverse body of work that continues to captivate readers worldwide. 

His novels, including Money, one of Sophie’s favourite ever books, showcase his unparalleled ability to dissect the complexities of modern society with biting satire and incisive prose. Amis’s keen observations on human nature and his unapologetic exploration of love, ambition, and mortality inspired generations of writers striving to achieve and mimic his talent.

Money explores the absurdity and moral bankruptcy of our consumer-driven culture through the tumultuous life of anti-hero, and aptly named, John Self. From depraved escapades and the relentless pursuit of excess, you are taken deep into the underbelly of modern society.

It is testament to his power that a book published in 1984 is still so strikingly relevant. Amis is unapologetic in his depiction of greed, celebrity obsession, and the dark side of the American Dream. The narrative is balanced with profound introspection, presented in his inimitable poetic and perfectly construed prose.

Farewell to a true icon of contemporary literature.

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