Sophie & Chaya Bibliochat: ‘My Body’ by Emily Ratajkowski

'My Body'

Join us for a Spoiler Free chat about My Body by @emratafeaturing in every paper, magazine and reading list. Sparking HUGE debate, including between us, we filmed this before today’s @bbcwomanshour which has added to the interest in different views.

I (Chaya) have had messages from people who know my feminist proclivities surprised that I would buy, read and take this one seriously and this IGTV review forms my response. Every woman deserves the right to autonomy. However we wear or behave, no one has the right to touch us without consent. This book might just stop a vulnerable, young aspiring model from accepting the unacceptable. Surely that is hugely commendable.

Watch along and let us know what you think. It’s a complex, nuanced conversation and Emily provides unique insight.

Huge congrats to the team at @quercusbooks for such an utterly slick campaign @ellakroftpatel @hanwints @millyreid1