Author Interview: Natalie Haynes (Stoneblind)

Author Interview

Yes I got @nataliehaynesauthor all to myself for half an hour and honestly we could have laughed and chatted for hours more.

Natalie’s passion for the world of mythology is exuded in every word of this chat, you really feel her genuine reverence for these characters.

As Instagram is moving towards reels that last seconds rather than long, luxurious conversations, we are forced to separate our interviews into parts. 

Profuse thanks to Natalie and her wonderful team for making time for this, it left me smiling all day. 
In part 2, we continue talking about the inspiration behind Stoneblind, the process of writing and the very exciting names that have praised Natalie’s work and her newest book.

This is Medusa’s moment to speak out, her time to refute the many iterations of her tale that paint her as the unbridled monster. She represents all victims who have been blamed for another’s crime and Natalie obtains justice on her behalf through her words.

@nataliehaynesauthor keep on writing because we will keep on reading everything you produce (even children’s books).