ContemporaryNightcrawling by Leila Motley

Nightcrawling by Leila Motley


There are some books that once you start reading they accompany you everywhere. Not just physically because you can’t put it down, but mentally. You will happen upon a scene, hear a voice or some music and think about the characters. You might read about a related topic and find that your perception and insight has deepened because of the narrative that has subtly pervaded your mind.

Nightcrawling is a recently published title that when we received the limited edition proof we carried around like a trophy. Written by the force of nature that is @leilamottley – she is the youngest author to be picked for @oprahsbookcluband her internationally best selling debut has just casually been longlisted for @thebookerprizes , we are so utterly honoured to have been given some of her precious time. You see we HAD to speak to her. 

Based on a horrifyingly true story, 17 year old Kiara Johnson is desperate. With rising rent, her mother in rehab and older brother pursuing dreams of rap stardom, she is left to fend for herself and her young neighbour. Determined to survive, she becomes exploited by the very people whose job it should be to protect her. Leila does more than give a voice to women and young girls in similar situations, she creates real, vivid characters who come to life and explores race, poverty, community and family along the way.

Let this be the lesson to those that have ever underestimated anyone because of age or any other inane, irrelevant factor. Our spoiler free author chat with this beyond brilliant writer is coming later on today – it’s one you won’t want to miss. 

Ad: Thank you to @bloomsburypublishing for sending over this pre-publication copy

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