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Ninth House & This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends


Good morning campers! I’m in the middle of an exceptional non fiction book called This is How They Tell Me The World Ends about the cyber arms race and it reads like a James Bond/Mission Impossible thriller. Written by Nicole Pelroth, a gutsy renowned New York Times investigative journalist I already feel approximately 50% more intelligent oh and also it’s absolutely petrifying. Thank you @__momentsofmine@bloomsburypublishing for this proof copy. After I finish I’m in the mood for a raucous @penguinclassics and I’m eying up a dear friend, Laclos’s Dangerous Liasons. A book you can read and flout your intellectual muscles but really it’s an 18th Century version of any Netflix drama.


My last read was Ninth House by @lbardugowhich was voted the 2019 Goodreads best Fantasy release and was a huge commercial success. Imagine if Harry Potter was American, went to Yale and had rather questionable morals and Hogwarts was a collection of secret societies all getting up to no good. Mix in alcohol, drugs, students and that USA joire de vivre and you get an idea. I absolutely loved it, the exploration of the occult and its use in the higher echelons of society gave this a more serious undertone together with the themes of mental health, abuse and violence that were interspersed with the magic. There was that quintessential fantasy world building, a fierce female protagonist that was a layered and complex character and a clear plot which ensured a good pace. I enjoyed the blending of genre, it’s a gothic fantasy but also a murder mystery that questions privilege, poverty and morality and I found it accomplished and deliciously dark.

~ Chaya

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