Our ReviewsNo Choice by Becca Andrews

No Choice by Becca Andrews


Friday 24 June 2022 marked the fall of Roe v Wade. We remember our disbelief — it was a real WTAF moment, C cried for hours. But therein lies our own ignorance. Because, as Becca Andrews conveys so brilliantly in this book, if we had really understood the origins and the history of abortion in the United States, perhaps we wouldn’t have been quite as shocked.

When Andrews began this book, abortion was still protected. However, she shows us, it was not a right equally applied to everyone. Whatsoever.

In this stunner of a book, Andrews brings together history, journalism and a wealth of knowledge to one of the most crucial judgements in recent history — and the dismantling of it. But it’s also much more than that; stories from across the globe are brought together — from clinics, courtrooms and communities. A dazzling array of them, that will leave you coming away feeling a mixture of educated and empowered.

There are a variety of views and arguments about this subject. Andrews unpicks the complexities and leaves you in no doubt that womens lives are on the line.

For us in the UK it may feel removed but this was a fascinating, rage inducing, educational read. 
Is there hope for the future? What do YOU think? ~ S & C

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