ClassicNorweigan Wood by Murakami

Norweigan Wood by Murakami

Yesterday, Chaya and I went to a bookshop — an actual bookshop. Together! Wandering through gave us so much joy; we love receiving books in the post but nothing beats the feeling of meandering through the shelves of our local @waterstones and that’s where this little treasure jumped out at me.

Norwegian Wood is an unforgettable novel. Marukami’s writing is hauntingly beautiful in this story which takes its title from the Beatles song. 

The book centres on Toru’s transportation back in time, after hearing this lyric (don’t you love how certain songs just do that?!), to his student days in the Tokyo of the 1960s. 

The song is a favourite of his first love, Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki. The three are bound by friendship and tragedy in this novel about love, loss and loneliness, filled to the brim with a range of the most intense of human emotions. Marukami’s writing is so vivid, you will feel you are living and breathing this book and that these superbly crafted characters are in fact real. It’s a moving, absorbing and utterly thought-provoking read and definitely one to get stuck into.

~ Sophie

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