ContemporaryOn Beauty by Zadie Smith

On Beauty by Zadie Smith


Sometimes books transport you to other worlds while you read them and sometimes, when you pick them again, they also transport you to the exact same spot you were when you read them in the first place. A double whammy; an extra dose of magic of sorts.

Take this one — On Beauty, by Zadie Smith. Based on Howard’s End by E.M. Forster (they share the same opening words), this is the story of two families— the Belseys and the Kipps — and their entanglements and intricacies. 

I adored this novel — the characters (I felt like I was part of both of those families), the settings (on both sides of the Atlantic) and I read it in one sitting on the bumpiest of bus rides across Brazil one summer. But then, I gave it up, when we reached Argentina. As a backpacker, carting books around just wasn’t practical or possible, much to my dismay. I traded it in — along with a couple of others — for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at hostel library. It kinda hurt.

So, when Chaya pulled this out the other day having decided to purchase it for herself, I was beyond thrilled. I know it isn’t mine but when I picked it up, I literally felt myself travel back in time to that day on the bus in Brazil, riding along, my head lost in a story, without a a care in the world. And that is why this one will always be a favourite of mine (And on a side note, I’ve *always* adored this cover too) ~ S

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