ContemporaryOne Day by David Nicholls

One Day by David Nicholls


Looking for a book to simultaneously make you laugh and weep? We are here for you with a recommendation that for millions of readers will be an obvious favourite.

Published in 2009 from beloved author David Nicholls, One Day quickly became that rare beast, an authentic word of mouth bestseller, lauded as a book of the year and adapted into a film with Anne Hathaway. Considered by some to be a modern classic, It keeps on capturing the imagination of readers years later and is now being reinvigorated for a Netflix series.

A deeply hilarious love story, we follow the two lead characters Emma and Dexter, with every chapter focusing on the same day each year, as the ebb and flow of their lives cross over. This gives the reader snapshots in time that builds to a crescendo as we watch, willing the two together.

For me, the remarkable skill of this book is the wry wit that is immediate. The cast and their experiences feels so very real, I could picture them vividly. With the power to shatter your heart, it is light yet heavy, clever yet easily readable, a book for the beach and the coldest night under the duvet.

One Day has been provoking extreme reactions for years (particularly with the ending ), in one corner we have the fans ready to march to defend its brilliance, in the other the rioters who have never understood the hype. It will be fascinating to see the reception to the TV adaptation, this could be the next Bridgerton/Normal People smash hit and I can’t wait to watch it – C

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