ContemporaryOne Day I Shall Astonish The World by Nina Stibbe

One Day I Shall Astonish The World by Nina Stibbe


I have genuinely *not* been able to put this book down all weekend (okay, apart from maybe when I caught up with @loveisland on Saturday night). It is *so* brilliant, *so* perceptive and *so* bloody hilarious, I honestly spat my breakfast out while I was reading it yesterday morning — don’t worry, I cleaned that up for this photo! I generally don’t go for humour (I’m aware this makes me sound like a right old misery guts but it’s just a taste thing) but Nina, you’ve converted me! I’ve been laughing so much!

I’ve never read any @ninastibbe before but am so thrilled to have found her — it was such a pleasure to meet her at the @womensprize a couple of weeks ago and I hope we get the chance to chat to her soon because oh my days, is she a fantastic writer. Review to come in due course

Can anyone recommend any of her others? I’m ready to order another for the summer ~ S

Order your copy here.

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