Children'sRamona by Beverly Cleary

Ramona by Beverly Cleary


Last lockdown was *all* about Harry Potter for my eldest (she’s seven). This lockdown is still all about Harry — but mainly in @lego form as we have been through the books and the films (a few times over). Books wise, she’s been racing through Ramona, a childhood favourite of mine — I adored both the books and the TV show — and she is absolutely loving them. These are the first four books out of eight in total so a decent amount for her to work her way through, I think. Nothing made me feel more ancient, though, than when she asked if I could show her a picture of Ramona from the TV series I watched as a child and, after a quick google, it turns out that there’s been a movie since then starring @selenagomez as Beezus, that I had *never* heard about. That aside, I asked her to share why she liked them and she said that the books are ‘so so funny and she would definitely want to be friends Ramona.’ She recommends them highly — as do I! 

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