ContemporaryReputation by Sarah Vaughan

Reputation by Sarah Vaughan


I confess, I’ve not read or watched Anatomy of a Scandal but having heard many good things, I decided to give this one, also by Sarah Vaughan, a go. I read it on holiday and it was ideal.

Labour MP Emma Webster is a passionate and hardworking politician. A major supporter of feminist issues, she is instrumental in a campaign against revenge porn and the anonymity that it hasn’t provided it’s victims in the past.

However, things in her private life are going awry. Her marriage has collapsed and then her daughter finds herself embroiled in a scandal; after being viciously bullied at school, she gets caught up in a revenge porn issue of her own. And she isn’t the victim. Or is she? 

As Emma’s private and public lives collide, the journalist with who she has been working closely with is found dead. At Emma’s house. And now, Emma finds herself on trial, for his murder.

Pacy and gripping as well as hugely informative, this is a modern day courtroom drama that directly shines the light on what it means to live a public life in the age of social media ~ S 

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