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Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld


We’ve emerged from the other side of Passover part 1, which for us has meant 3 days of a lot of food, a lot of family and a lot of reading time in between. On Chaya’s insistence I picked up Romantic Comedy by the superb Curtis Sittenfeld. You might have seen Chaya raving about it on stories last week. Well, she was right in every way. It’s total magic.

The story centres around Sally, a hugely talented comedy writer for the massively popular live show T.N.O. — think Saturday Night Live. Whilst she’s soaring professionally, her personal life isn’t as successful but she accepts this comes with the territory. She loves her work, more than anything.

When heart throb pop star Noah Brewster joins T.N.O. as musical guest and host for a week, him and Sally bond over comedy and creativity. But, whilst it’s more than common for T.N.O.’s beautiful female star guests to become involved with the brilliant but not nearly so attractive male writers and cast members of the show (so much so that Sally’s even written a sketch about it), it never happens the other way round. Noah Brewster can’t possibly be interested in her… can he?

Don’t be deceived; this is so much cleverer than the typical romantic comedy. Though this is very easy to read, it is brimming with intelligence in terms of its structure (we love the use of emails between Noah and Sally) and more than that, in terms of its angle. Because there is a subtle but unquestionable political and feminist element woven into this novel that hugely elevates it — and will keep your mind whirring long after you’ve put it down.

Incredibly crafted characters, a real and beautiful romance and an absolutely fascinating exploration behind the scenes of comedy production, this is such a gorgeous story that brings to the fore modern day love in the truest of senses. We both read it in one sitting and reckon you might well do, too ~ S & C

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