ClassicSong of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller


Would you buy different versions of the same book? I am tremendously territorial over @madeline.e.miller (one of the nicest people I have met) and her exquisite books. As an early reader, long before TikTok was a word in our daily lexicon, #thesongofachilles was already an all time favourite. You can therefore imagine my excitement when opening #bookmail from @bloomsburypublishing who sent over a copy of the magnificent 10th anniversary edition, I honestly can’t thank you enough. 

My old paperbacks of Achilles and Circe are incredibly important to me as they have personal messages from Madeline, however if there was ever a book to buy another copy of it is surely this tenth anniversary edition. From the glorious endpapers (swipe for a closer look) to the heartfelt foreword from the author a decade on, it is a truly beautiful version of this masterpiece.

It is not hyperbolic to state that the Song of Achilles is changing lives. Inspiring a new generation of readers, Miller has reignited a whole genre of classical retellings and an interest in Greek mythology, with deft prose, magical and lyrical, creating characters with such depth and nuance you can see almost see Achilles glistening skin before you. His devastation at the death of Patroclus has been shared by millions, in an inclusive interpretation that normalises love between these two warriors. Back on the bestseller lists ten years on, it is amazing to see the love for this book continue to grow.

Some of you may already recall from our previous posts and video about Madeline Miller that this page was born from a Facebook exchange I had with Sophie in which I recommended The Song of Achilles which she devoured and reviewed for our very first post. This book means so much to so many people in deeply meaningful ways and for us it is the book that brought us together. 

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