Sophie & Chaya Bibliochat: Spare (Prince William)

Well folks, millions of pounds later, a security detail and carefully planned embargo that Spain forgot about (oops), weeks of a near constant barrage of press – was it worth it?

It makes sense why this sold so many copies, you are brought into the eye of the storm, behind the scenes to one of the most shocking, horrific tragedies that gripped the world – the death of Princess Diana.

We tried to just talk about the writing but inextricably linked to every aspect is the story depicted. This memoir may make your skin crawl, it may make your eyes roll or you may feel truly sorry for Harry, in particular regarding the loss of his mother. Those passages would move any reader.

We tried to be as balanced as possible, looking at the elements it did do well and the things from his life that were thought provoking.

You know we never bash or overly criticise a book. If we don’t like something we won’t tell you about it, and we never agree to recommend something we didn’t enjoy. HOWEVER, in this instance, we made an exception. We needed to vent.

This short ten minute chat are our thoughts but we could have gone on for a lot longer. As ever – let us know your thoughts! C and S