Sophie & Chaya Discuss Tik Tok Sensations


C here. Because I am SO down with the kids I spend hours of my life on #tiktok watching endlessly funny videos. There is a whole #book community #booktok and these two titles have been the stand out names that keep on cropping up (other than #thesongofachilles which we loved before TikTok was even a thing so get. in. line. teens of today).

The power of this social platform is so vast that It Ends With Us and They Both Die At The End have reentered best seller lists and sold out due to the hype. They are well beyond our usual genre or taste but when I saw them in @waterstonesbrentcross I had to buy them, the intrigue was too great.

Please remember no reader is greater than the next. All opinions are utterly valid. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who have completely fallen for these two. Watch along to see if we got the hype!