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Sophie’s Non Fiction Top 3, 2021


Morning all, Sophie here. I can’t believe we are in the final week of this year! Before the doors on this strange one close, we wanted to bring you our favourite reads of the past 12 months. My other half C has spent the past week in hospital — thank goodness she is recovering at home now and will be back when she’s ready but thank you so much for all your lovely messages wishing her better .

In the meantime, please allow me to get the ball rolling with my top 3 non-fiction books of the year. I’ll be announcing my fave later this week but this shortlist was surprisingly easy to draw up. Last year we found it impossible to pick but these guys were true stand outs for me and I’d love to know whether you agree or not.

EMPIRE OF PAIN ~ mind-blowing on every conceivable level, Radden Keefe chronicles three generations of the Sackler family and the part they played in America’s current Opioid crisis. This book reads like a movie and it is one that will leave your jaw dropping to the floor at many, many moments. At times I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was reading. It’s shocking, devastating, accessible and so utterly important. Winner of this years @bgprize, I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

FREE ~ an incredible coming of age true story in which @lea.ypi recounts her life growing up under Communist rule in Albania. So much more than a memoir, this reads like a multi-generational thriller of the most epic and gripping kind. Has received scores of fantastic reviews, each one totally deserved.

SLEEPING BEAUTIES ~ opening with the ‘mystery illness’ of Sweden, where nearly 200 children lie fast asleep constantly though there is no evidence of anything medically wrong with them, O’Sullivan takes the reader on a journey across the globe exploring illnesses of this kind. I was completely consumed by this intimate and fascinating portrayal of this aspect of l modern medicine. Brilliantly written, I read it at the start of the year and still turn back to it regularly!

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