ContemporarySorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason

Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason


Let us introduce you to a book that everyone will be talking about. Guaranteed. A new release that has become an instant best seller, Sorrow and Bliss was a read in one sitting, then talk about for hours experience.

Martha, the narrator and our main character, is burdened by the weight of a crushing mental illness that “explodes like a bomb” overnight in her teens. Somehow Meg Mason deals with an incredibly serious 
subject matter so deftly and with such wit and humour, it will take your breath away. I also feel I must declare publicly that I (Chaya) would literally die for Martha’s sister Ingrid, who had me bellowing with laughter every time she is mentioned without fail.

Catch our spoiler free IGTV review tonight. We would recommend immediately ordering this before the inevitable sell out and reprint. It’s just perfection and has featured all over the press, with universal adoration. 

Massive thanks and love to @gigiwoolstencroft@mrfeditor at @wnbooks@orionbooks for bringing this one to our attention and sending us a copy. Ad: PR copy.

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