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State Of Terror by Hillary Clinton & Louise Penny


Lord I love politics. I watch parliamentary debates, am a die hard fan of The West Wing, Yes Prime Minister, Scandal – you name it If it’s political I will have devoured it. And I do enjoy a good thriller be it tv, film or book so I was excited to read this. Newly released from prolific author @louisepennyauthor together with @hillaryclinton is State of Terror, a long, suspenseful and propulsive novel that has remained on the New York Times Bestseller Fiction List for 9 weeks since publication. 

You cannot escape the fact that one of the authors has lived through a lot of the fictionalised narrative and is potentially settling old scores through this book. Hilary gives that invaluable insight and authenticity, creating a character of the female Secratey of State that draws many comparisons with her terms in that role. There is an undertone within the book of her using reality, particularly in how the Presidents comes across.

This is a thriller with all the requisite components. Interweaving story arcs, time sensitive apocalyptic terrorism, geopolitical considerations focusing on the Middle East, and edge of your seat suspense that fights to keep your attention even though it is quite lengthy. I definitely felt anxiety reading it, perhaps because it felt almost too realistic and my near constant stream of thought was … this could happen.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns though it could have been edited to make it punchier and shorter, which in my view would have been beneficial. Of note is the exploration of misogyny and turmoil that the characters faced which I loved. If there is a sequel I will be reading it. Fans of 24, Madam Secretary particularly I think will appreciate this.

~ Chaya

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