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Still Life by Sarah Winman


Our @futuredreamscharity book club for women affected by breast cancer are a varied and discerning group who are not afraid to state their minds (a little plea for help from us at the bottom of this!!!)

There are months we agonise over our choice, will they hate it we worry? Is the book too literary, heavy or commercial?

Well with last months book we felt none of those fears because we are yet to find someone who didn’t fall head over heels for one of our absolute favourites, Still Life by the wonderful @sarahwinman – the very first author we ever interviewed for this platform, do check the video out. 

A sweeping, beautiful, tender epic that spans the post war streets of East London and Florence, our group adored this colourful group of characters and didn’t want this book to end. We were so thrilled by their reaction Sophie had a little swing with the book after (yes I have footage, swipe to see ).

When someone is going through a difficult or challenging time, finding something to give them joy, respite or just a few moments of distraction can be priceless. Still Life was just that. 

We also want to thank @livmarsden and our friends at @fourthestate for sending over copies for the book club to savour – you guys are gems and it was hugely appreciated by all.

If you haven’t experienced this moving, funny, magnificent book it received a unanimous thumbs up.

Now our plea- what book would you recommend we read with our lovely group this year? Any genre, new or old, we want books that provoke discussion! Let us know!!!

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