ClassicStoneblind by Natalie Haynes

Stoneblind by Natalie Haynes


Todays the day folks so make way to your local purveyor of books because if you are a reader of classical retellings Stoneblind is now unleashed into the world and believe me this is exciting news.

Natalie has always been one of my favourite authors and I was truly honoured to get to chat to her about Stoneblind, so do check out our authorchat going live tonight. 

There is a reason @nataliehaynesauthor appeals to such a broad range of readers, which for me is rooted in her eclectic background as both a stand up comedian, tv and radio presenter and eminent classicist. To ancient tales she brings a dry, acerbic wit that elevates her prose, her characters are so real you can almost hear their voices lift from the page.

Her last book, A Thousand Ships, was shortlisted for the @womensprize and Stoneblind is another absolute beauty. This is the story of Medusa, the archetype for the blamed victim, the poster girl for unadulterated female rage and male fear. 

Set against a backdrop of a rich tapestry of characters, the capricious gods are petulant, quarrelling siblings, that made me laugh constantly. Perseus is reborn as a hapless, helpless boy (as he should be) and Medusa and her gorgon sisters are treated with such tenderness.

The brilliance of Haynes is that she is able to morph into such a variety of voices, divine, mortal, object alike. This is a masterclass, short chapters set a pace that keeps your attention. Only when you have someone with this level of knowledge and skill writing do you get such an interconnected cast of characters but still feel a focus on Medusa. I read this in one glorious sitting and it was a joy from beginning to end. Chaya 

Thank you Natalie @emmafinniganpr@panmacmillan for sending over a proof, having me at the gorgeous launch last night and for fitting me into the busiest of international press campaigns. 

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