FantasyThe Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake


Sigh. Dark Academia. Set in the hidden archives of the Alexandrian Library. Guarded by people and creatures with magic. Genuinely if I hadn’t been lucky enough to receive a proof pre-publication this would have been an automatic order.

This came hugely hyped, hailed as the love child of Donna Tart & Harry Potter. The author Olivie Blake inspiringly went from self publishing online to being fought over in an international publisher auction due to the millions of tiktok views she garnered from fans obsessed with the book, which has already been bought for tv development by Amazon prime. The Atlas Six, the first in the series topped the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists immediately.

Ok so full disclosure because I would never lie to you, it took me some time to get into. I didn’t like some of the characters initially and found the premise of the Alexandrian Library rushed when I wanted more (who wouldn’t, it’s every historian/booklovers dream surely to find the lost archives).

However as the book develops I found myself racing through it. The six initiates have to compete over a year to become custodians and they are faced with issues of morality and complex magical and scientific questions that touch on so many subjects, giving this a clever substance I enjoyed. This isn’t as plot heavy as I anticipated but you do get a sense that this is giving us the immersion into the alternate world that will lead into an action heavy sequel.

A title that has die-hard fans counting down the days for the next book which I will absolutely be reading ~ C

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