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The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simon


Chaya Raichik is one damn funny lady. Not many people could pull off wrapping themselves in yellow and black caution tape a la Kim Kardashian with such skill and aplomb, especially in the midst of dinner time with two little kiddies to look after. We are here for every drop of her banter — her insights on motherhood bring a tear to our eyes —and how she genuinely just wants to make people laugh, no hidden agenda. If that’s not one of the best ways to utilise these little insta-squares, we don’t know what is. We are so excited to have her recommend a book for us today — now over to the lovely lady herself…

“The Bronze Horseman, the first of Paullina Simon’s trilogy encompasses both of my favorite book genres- Romance and Historical Fiction. The story takes place during World War 2 in Leningrad (now known as Saint Petersburg, Russia). We are taken on a journey through the eyes of a young and impressionable Tatiana who falls in love with a red officer Alexander in the darkest of times when Hitler has just invaded Russia. 

Their love transcends the war and suffering around them, in a way that has you begging for their survival. I’ve read all three books multiple times and each time I found myself crying, rooting, fighting, and sighing alongside Tatiana and Alexander. Very rarely can a love story keep you in suspense, at the edge of your seat in a Romeo and Juliet- Esque way, all while reliving the pain and horror of the Second World War! I hope you will enjoy this trilogy as much as I did!’

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