ContemporaryThe Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman

The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman


The third book in The Thursday Murder Club series has broken all manner of records in its first few weeks in the world. Are we even surprised any more? Number One and Two are now back on the bestseller lists (did they ever leave) accompanied by news of more books planned and a screen adaptation confirmed.

Amidst the near unanimous praise, one literary critic in a national newspaper decries this book, calling it unrealistic and noting the “persistent lack of any sense of jeopardy”. Whilst I appreciate those points, sometimes it’s enough for a book to delight and distract, particularly with a cast this loveable. Going back into the world of Coopers Chase felt like reuniting with some life long pals. 

It’s arguably harder to write a follow up to a beloved book and the pressure is surely even more intense when there are two ardently loved by fans. But have no fear because Osman has sprinkled his inimitable magic, dusting the pages with humour and wit. The formula is simple, the winning ingredient the characters, a group of pensioners experiencing a new lease of life at a retirement home whilst they casually solve historic murders.

Let’s talk about the hype and why this series continues to have such commercial success. It’s undeniable, these books have a hugely broad appeal. They are the epitome of cozy crime, a genre exploding in popularity, enveloping you in a warm hug, with easy to read, short bursts of chapters setting a good pace. To be read under the fluffiest of blankets.

There is a charm that is hard to encapsulate and osman is able to blend a strong, lovable cast with themes of friendship, love, comedy, crime and the grief of watching someone lose their memories. This adds a poignancy to the entertainment. 

I approached this series previously with cynicism, perhaps even more so yesterday reading The Bullet That Missed but I found there to be a beating heart and a quick wit that made me smile ~ C

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