FeministThe End Of Men by Christina Rose Sweeney-Baird

The End Of Men by Christina Rose Sweeney-Baird


Out on the 29th April, The End of Men has been featured across the press as one to read immediately and we couldn’t agree more.

@christinasweeneybaird wrote about a global pandemic a year before any of us knew the word coronavirus or had ever seen a surgical mask outside of a hospital (have already requested lottery numbers). However in this dystopian fiction, 90% of men die and the first few chapters are really harrowing. The brilliance of the writing and the many perspectives ensures a swift pace which makes it a lot easier to read, given the subject matter. It is just fascinating to imagine a world totally reversed, where men are a minority and women have to learn how to lead and fill all of the required jobs to keep society functioning. She also considers the affect on other minorities and the impact in such a far reaching way that it is exceptionally thought provoking. This is character driven, at times darkly funny, plot heavy and absurdly brilliant (@jordys.book.club@kraysbookclub@zubscovered@bookclubreviewpodcast you have to read this). Thank you so much to the gorgeous @fluerrr at @boroughpress for our copy.

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