ContemporaryThe Fell by Sarah Moss

The Fell by Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss is the author writers love. Described as ‘one of our very best contemporary novelists’ by the Independent, her distinct and searing voice will grip you in both of these books. Summerwater tells the story of twelve people on holiday with their families in a Scottish cabin park; The Fell, published last week, is set in November 2020 a.k.a. Lockdown 2.0 when Kate, a woman in isolation, breaks quarantine, heads up the hill at the end of her road and ends up missing.

Moss is a writer of incredible talent; you will find yourself absorbed in her characters’ thoughts and feelings — in fact, you will actually find yourself inside their heads. 

Neither of us had read any books by Moss before and we read these in rapid succession; we can’t wait to chat about them in more depth tonight on IGTV. Thank you so much @picadorbooksfor sending us an advance proof of The Fell. Stay tuned and ENJOY.

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