FeministThe Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer


Discovering a great new book is one thing. But an incredible new author? That’s something else entirely and, last year, thanks to a lovely friend, I discovered @megwolitzer after she lent me two of her books. Wolitzer is not a new author per se but at the time, she was to me. I then ordered this one — which I decided to save for the summer. It was most definitely worth the wait!

When college student Greer Kadestky meets glamourous Faith Frank, a leading figure in the women’s movement, her life changes forever. Though deeply in love with her boyfriend, Greer is ambitious; she wants more, she just doesn’t quite know what. And it looks like Faith might have the answers. As her life moves away from what she’s always had and always known, Greer steps into the future she wants, now within her grasp.

I loved *so* many things about this story. As with the previous Wolitzer novels I’ve read, I came away feeling as though I’d made new and dear friends (Greer, Zee, Cory — I love you guys!) — her characters are *that* real. Once again, I was left in absolute awe of her ability to observe and understand people — and ultimately, what makes us truly human. 

An exceptional novel about womanhood, ambition, power and love – and that passion inside of us waiting to emerge. I bloody adored it ~ S

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