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The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros


I was so ready to scoff at the ridiculous hype. It’s always enjoyable, that feeling of superiority when a raved about title doesn’t satisfy your oh so discerning literary tastes. I read everything, from classics to romance & YA, but if something is derivative or formulaic I will happily stand with the detractors (not publicly bashing but refusing to review on socials or press).

Well let me tell you that #fourthwing had me traversing the streets of NW London reading, something I have NEVER done. I was so engrossed, it was only the knowledge that if I missed my brothers birthday lunch I would be persona non grata which made me drag myself out – but every single second I could spend reading this, I did. I bumped into people, a lamppost & a parking car. 

This is a very easy to read cross between the Hunger Games & (light) Games of Thrones. It’s pure plot, utterly propulsive & simply written. Sometimes it’s just about raw entertainment value & the ability to create drama instantly. Without the complex world building, tension is critically built.

For me this story meant a lot. As someone with Crohn’s, I live with fatigue & pain, it’s very manageable but there are days I can’t move & feel less than others. To have a main character with a chronic disease, who is vulnerable & not able bodied was revelatory. Her inherent courage & perseverance gave her the edge, it was amazing to see that representation in fantasy, weaved throughout.

Violet is forced to enrol as a dragon rider instead of a scribe in an elite war college in which you graduate or die. Conflict rages within & outside, including an enemies to lovers thread providing a few delectably 18 scenes & hysterical lines about chasing toxic men. The plot twists & turns, I called one major surprise early on but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment.

The film/series this would make  @rebeccayarros. As the first book in a series I am signed up for the long haul – C

Thank you to @littlebrownbookgroup_uk for my PR Review Copy – Ad


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