BiblioreccsThe Gift by Edith Eger

The Gift by Edith Eger


We are so honoured to have a recommendation today from the absolute powerhouse and completely wonderful human that is Carly Moosah. Carly is a mum of two gorgeous kids, a co-founder of an amazing business (@keepemquiet — go have a look) and a breast cancer advocate. Diagnosed in 2019, she is a force to be reckoned with, raising awareness for this cruel disease, working with @futuredreamscharity and @victoriassecretuk . I’ve forwarded on her videos about how to check your boobs to several of my friends. Her recommendation is superb and one that may well change how you view your entire life. 

‘The Gift simply put is just that, an absolute gift. To reframe your thoughts and perspective on life so as to live more fully and free from all that your mind tries to trap you into believing is true. To turn your trauma into purpose 

Dr Edith Eger is a holocaust survivor who went on to train as a psychologist in her fifties in America. Her story is one of true strength, resilience & healing, surviving unimaginable horrors and in time finding a way to feel joy & happiness again & help others in turn. 

These lessons are what forms The Gift and they have changed my outlook on life. I often will ask myself what would Edie say in this situation. How would she flip this from a “why me” moment to a “what now”. This book helped me to survive one of the hardest years I have ever faced and will forever be my top recommendation whenever anyone asks me to name my favourite book. To return to over and over again. A manual for survival.’

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