ContemporaryThe Guest House & Love On The Brain

The Guest House & Love On The Brain

Reading outside your comfort zone

We all have our go to genres, those books that just scream our names and get read as soon we you get home or the moment it arrives on your doorstep. For me that’s fantasy, historical fiction & non-fiction (if it’s feminist literally just cancel my day).

Being on the gram, I am now reading much more widely and two books I read recently completely surprised me by how much I enjoyed them. This is your sign to go outside the comfort zone!

The Guest House by @robinmorganbentley – I am not a thriller gal but this had me racing through the pages and yes I absolutely went to the end to see what happened. A dark, twisty tale, we follow Jamie & Victoria who get trapped in a remote guest house as Victoria goes into labour. This almost verged on horror and I enjoyed the unravelling of their relationship as the plot thickened.

What elevated this was the subtle portrayal of Jamie, who has cerebral palsy. This didn’t distract from the tension but added an importance to the story as the character depicts the day to day challenges he faces, giving the reader insight I wasn’t expecting. The writing, particularly around the guest house, was vivid and atmospheric. Don’t pick this up if you don’t have time to finish it there and then. 

Love on the Brain by @alihazelwood – I’m really not a romance reader but online phenomenon Ali Hazelwood might have changed that. Known for bestseller The Love Hypothesis, she brings all of her experience as a scientist and creates an easy, warm, cozy read that is just light and enjoyable.

Bee and Levi are academic nemesis who are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with NASA on a neuroengineering project. This is enemies to lovers that manages to keep the froth and comedy whilst talking about the inherent misogyny of a male dominated industry. Published in August, this won’t disappoint her growing legion of fans.

Ad: both copies are pre-release proofs provided by the publishers with no obligation to review attached.

Order your copy here and your copy of Love On The Brain here.

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