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The Happy Couple by Naoise Dolan


You know when you’re loving a book so much that you just want to savour it? That’s how I feel about my current read; The Happy Couple by Naoise Dolan, out this Thursday. 

First up, before you ask, I haven’t actually read Dolan’s critically acclaimed previous novel Exciting Times but given how much I am loving this one, it’s 100% next on my books to borrow from C, a major fan who is delighted by the newest Dolan offering. Okay, now onto the story…

… Centring on the upcoming marriage between Luke, an Oxford grad in the tech world, & Celine, Irish and a dedicated and talented pianist, The Happy Couple opens with how Luke proposes, setting the tone for the book as it unravels. Because what Dolan does in the story of this couple — as well as their family & friends — is take us right into the heart of the human psyche.

Through Luke, Celine but also Archie (his best friend and ex), Vivian (another of his exes), Phoebe (her sister) and Maria (her ex) as well as aunts & uncles, we see an absolutely astute understanding of how people really work, from both sides of the proverbial coin. These characters will amuse & frustrate you & you’ll also adore them — because they’re flawed. Because they’re so real. And the way in which Dolan intersects all of their lives is utterly brilliant.

The question at the heart of this plot if whether Luke & Celine will actually tie the knot. When he ditches their engagement party early, it’s quite clear that the happy couple aren’t as happy as they might seem. There are layers — many layers — of complication here. Of history and of past secrets. 

Poignant and sharply funny, as well as superbly written, you’ll be gripped wondering if Luke and Celine — and their friends — reach a happily ever after. And actually, what happily ever after truly means. 

I have a few pages left & actually, I don’t want it to end. Have you read this one? Let us know what you think! And have a lovely day ~ S

From C: if you want characters with actual firing synapses, & a writer that is able to look behind what is said to what is meant, with a fierce take down of the patriarchy to boot, this is the one for you. Divine.

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