FeministThe Hierarchies by Ros Anderson

The Hierarchies by Ros Anderson


Tonight we review last months book pick, The Heirarchies by Ros Anderson. 

This book is the love child of The Handmaids Tale and Klara and the Sun and both of us are still thinking about it. This has been a hit with booksellers and those in the book biz. 

Sylv.ie is a synthetic woman, designed to fulfil her “Husbands” every desire. The Heirarchies are the rules she lives by. Deeply curious about the world around her, confused by the hatred she faces from her Husband’ human wife, this book explores themes of gender, sexuality, AI, technology and how society treats those it does not inherently respect. 

Staccato bursts of prose that maintain a fast paced plot, this debut is one of those under the radar, word of mouth books that we hope will only grow in recognition. 

Watch out for our Spoiler Free IGTV, filmed on location from our holidays with seagulls included! 

Ad: Thank you so much for our copies @deadinkbooks

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