FictionThe History Of Love by Nicole Krauss

The History Of Love by Nicole Krauss


We are currently in the midst of moving house and organising all my books into boxes hasn’t been easy! But equally, there are moments when sifting through them has been truly magical — for example, stumbling upon an old favourite that literally conjures up the same feeling I had when I was reading it many moons ago. And with that, folks, I give you The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

This novel was my first taster of Krauss’ literary prowess. Yes, she was hugely hyped and the talk of the town when I began reading this but quite frankly, she damn well deserved to be. 

This is a novel with a plot consisting of many beautiful strands, woven together with Krauss’ trademark dexterity. You will meet Leo, a lonely old man, waiting for his death. You’ll learn of his past, the past that has ultimately dictated the whole of his life, after he lost his one true love — who he met when they were two young Jewish children before the Nazis arrived. A love indeed so special that it inspired him to write a novel. He will feel as real to you as the solitary, elderly gentleman that you pass in the street.

You’ll also meet Alma, fourteen years old, who has recently lost her father. Her mother is struggling to cope with her own loneliness and her escape is her job — she’s a translator and she’s been given an old, beautiful novel to work on. Now, Alma wants to find its author to cure the sorrow that consumes her mother.

The story of love and loss in all their many forms, as well as an exploration of identity, hope and resilience, I’m so glad I picked this one up again. It’s so much more than just the history of love, though; ultimately, it’s the story of what it really means to be human.

~ Sophie

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