FictionThe House Of Fortune by Jessie Burton

The House Of Fortune by Jessie Burton


In 2014, the Miniaturist was a seismic literary phenomenon. Selling over a million copies having been hotly fought over in a publishers bidding war, the story of 18 year old Nella, set in 1686 Amsterdam, won a legion of fans.

Eight years later @jessieburtonreturns with the hugely anticipated sequel and reader it was worth the wait. Released tomorrow, I read The House of Fortune in one day and then immediately wanted more. 

Beginning on the 18th birthday of Thea, the beloved and fiercely protected child of Otto, a freed slave and Marin, the now austere house continues to hold myriad secrets and whispers. We follow Thea through the hot flushes of young love and the racism she faces as her families fortunes plummet.

This can be read as a stand alone novel as many of the references are given enough explanation but I would recommend starting with The Miniaturist to really appreciate and become immersed in the world Burton has created.

Hugely excited to talk to Jessie about this marvel which will surely feature on bestseller lists, check back in for our bibliochat. 

Ad:PR Copy – thank you @picadorbooks @bookbreakuk@katie_greenie for sending over this jewel of a proof and all your help

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