FictionThe House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper

The House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper


Last year @elodielharper bounded into the bestselling charts with her exquisite novel The Wolf Den mesmerising readers (which I absolutely adored). Thrillingly, this was the start of a trilogy and I am ecstatic to say that her second book doesn’t disappoint. It may even be better. 

History rarely focuses on the many millions of slaves and there is no figure more disparaged than the women working in brothels, used and abused at the whim of their master and clients. This is the tale of Amara, who has escaped that sordid world and now lives in relative seclusion and luxury in Pompeii. You would think having been freed against all the odds her life would be easy, that she would be happy. 

However, what if your entire life is still dependent on another, a capricious patron that holds all the power? Is that true freedom? Now a courtesan, Amara cannot help but be drawn back to the friends she left behind, pursuing her own passions and business ventures surreptitiously. 

Harper brings the politics and feel of the Ancient world to life, you are walking the bustling streets with her as she further develops characters, a place and time that is vivid and captivating. I raced through this is in hours, it is an easy book to inhale. You can tell that it’s steeped in historic knowledge (I particularly enjoyed the references at the beginning of each chapter which demonstrate the feeling towards slaves preserved in classical text) but it is an accessible read which is plot focused.

The countdown is on for book three. Surely a second bestseller for Elodie (and yet another Mushens triumph @mushenska is clearly taking over the world). Loved it.

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