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The Instant by Amy Liprot


Within five minutes of opening this book I knew I was utterly beholden to the author @amymayyyy who has such a mastery over words, she spoke to my soul with a mere sentence.

A Sunday times bestseller last year that was the hugely anticipated follow up book to The Outrun, The Instant charts Liptrot’s time in Berlin, looking for love and meaning in her life.

This is non fiction that reads like the most beautiful literary prose yet somehow is achingly relatable and sharp. She is now sober (having depicted her struggles with alcoholism in The Outrun), in her mid 30s and now, faced with pervasive loneliness, is pushing herself out of all the comfort zones. She is still running away but from what she is not sure. 

The yearning for spontaneity and passion is somehow beautifully connected to an array of topics that interest her which held my attention when I was sure I would drift, such as the cycles of the moon or the migration patterns of birds. 

Beyond the baring of her soul and the visceral way she writes about her experiences, it is the way she crafts a sentence and catapults you into her mind that stood out for me. 

When she becomes fixated on finding love, the physicality of intimacy and the non-stop nature of the Internet, you see one addiction replace another. She explores how we connect in the modern world, comparing the natural world to the chaos and tumult of dating apps and one night stands.

At points this reads like the most affecting poetry. It’s a quick read, with bursts of chapters that left me wanting more. There is such a sensuality to her words, she doesn’t waste a moment. 

This one is for all the dreamers, for nature lovers, for those grieving or trying to recover. A beauty I loved from beginning to end ~ C

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