ContemporaryThe Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer


I have always read fast though I suppose reading more and more has meant my speed has naturally increased. It’s not a conscious thing; I don’t try to read quickly, I just do (and Chaya, I know I’m speaking for you here too — and the truth is, she far surpasses me, that’s for sure). 

But sometimes, for a myriad of reasons, my reading is forced to slo o o o w the hell down. And that’s precisely what happened with this *oh my days what a stunner of a book* by @megwolitzer. I took my time because I had to but savouring each and every word was a pleasure of the greatest kind.

The Interestings is the story of a group of friends who meet at a summer camp. But this is no ordinary summer camp — it is Spirit in the Woods — and they are no ordinary group of friends. They deem themselves The Interestings and over the pages that follow, we learn what happens to each of them, the twists and turns their lives take; some will strike chords with all of us, others will leave you open-mouthed, your jaw dropping to the floor. 

Wolitzer’s writing reminds me of Jonathan Franzen, in particular his book The Corrections, a novel which I can only rave about. Her observations of people in this works are acute and astonishing and in turn, unnerving; there are so many moments that will resonate in terms of relationships, habits, movements and thoughts. 

When I finally finished yesterday, it happened to be a rare moment when I was home alone. I closed the cover and drew the book to my chest. I thought of Ethan, Jules, Ash, Dennis, Jonah, Goodman, Cathy and I felt glad and honoured to have known them. What greater triumph is there than a book that makes you do that?

~ Sophie 

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