BiographyThe King’s Painter by Franny Moyle

The King’s Painter by Franny Moyle


I knew my limited print of Henry VIII would one day be useful!!!The ULTIMATE coffee table addition, this might be the most luxurious, magnificent book I have ever been gifted and is THE one to buy for any Tudor/History/Art buffs in the family. I nearly wept when I flicked through it the first time, it feels like having The Royal Collection at your finger tips.

Reviewed and lauded by the UK press, The Kings Painter is written by TV producer Franny Moyle, and is a lavish illustrated biography of the prolific Hans Holbein. It reads like a political thriller and roller coaster elucidation of art and symbology – a la Dan Brown, because Hans was at the heart of European royal intrigue for most of his life, painting the most powerful people in the world. Religion and Philosophy play a huge part of this book as Holbein was so well connected. The period is quite literally brought to life. 

Every few pages is another image that is so exquisitely captured it is as if the painting is right in front of you. I had to make a reel to try and demonstrate how astonishing the amount of art is within. It is one you can read slowly, I am revelling in reading a chapter every few weeks and I know I will keep on coming back to it for its sheer beauty. 

“Crossword puzzlers, this is a book for you,” says The Times, whilst The Week calls this “Wolf Hall with pics” (be still my beating heart). 

This vivid and extensive work dives into the mystery and layers of meaning within the art, almost like a “detective decoding the clues, symbols and visual puns that Holbein incorporated into his work”. 

Holbein was a multi faceted genius, a satirist, designer, politician and celebrity that has fascinated scholars for centuries. I almost feel like a own a piece of history with this on my shelves. It is immersive, compelling, meticulously detailed, and is every Tudor lovers dream. It should cost double the price when considering the years of research and amount of art you are receiving with such superior quality. 

Ad: PR Copy I genuinely cannot thank my friends at @headofzeus for sending this. It is a triumph and one I will treasure for years.

~ Chaya

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