Easy ReadsThe Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang


I’m really not a romance reader by nature. It’s not a genre I gravitate towards but interacting with romance readers on #instagram has piqued my interest. Whilst I rarely read electronically, if you are trying out a different category, kindle books are a great option. This was 99p (little over a dollar for our US pals)!

You would think from how much The Kiss Quotient is talked about it is a new release but this title was published in 2018. It was the @goodreads romance book of the year, with over 43k reader votes, featured on a plethora of best book lists worldwide and is still a huge commercial success.

A spin on Pretty Woman, Stella Lane is a wealthy, successful woman working in tech who approaches life like a series of tasks. To overcome her lack of dating experience, she decides to hire a male escort, Michael to teach her. Believe me when I say this book has ’18’ scenes (I mean there are x-rated lesson plans). 

I think we can all anticipate where the plot is going. However what sets this apart is that Stella has Aspergers and a central theme of the story is her inability to understand those nuanced social parameters that make all the difference. Her struggle to be touched, to break from routine, to enjoy the spontaneity of sexuality is the element that elevates this for me.

Movingly, author @hhoangwrites was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder herself whilst in the midst of research for the book, finally understanding her difficulty with relationships and intimacy, all-consuming interests, social awkwardness, routines and repetitive motions. The Kiss Quotient has received rapturous praise for its diversity and authentic representation with some truly emotive reviews from readers who felt finally represented and less alone.

I really enjoyed reading this, as much as it was pure fun and escapism with a few laugh out loud moments and plenty of raunch for our romance fans, there was a depth from Stella that gave such an insight into what it must be like to deal with sex and love from her perspective. With fans ranging from @tjenkinsreid to feminist @roxanegay74 Helen’s books have broad appeal, it is easy to see why.

~ Chaya

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