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The Last Days by Ali Millar


What is it that you love most about reading? For me, there are *so* many things. Escapism. The fact that, given that I bring my book with me anywhere and everywhere, I can literally do it when and wherever I want. I also love the fact that I don’t need anyone else to do it with. All I need is me, myself and I.

The Last Days tapped into another reason why I love to read, and probably one of the most important. And that is, reading’s ability to show you the reality of worlds and lives that you may never ever know. Communities you aren’t part of. Experiences that you may never go through. Things you can’t believe are real, but yet, they are the entire truth for those telling them.

In The Last Days, Ali Millar recounts her life as a Jehovah’s Witness. Born into a world in which she is waiting for Armageddon, she grows up in the Scottish Borders where her life revolves around the Kingdom Hall. She didn’t choose this world and, as she grows up, she finds herself questioning it. Questions that strike right to the core of her very being.

For me, this book is a stand out memoir because at points, it truly reads like a novel. Millar’s voice as child in the 80s is so real and it transforms, developing as she moves through her teens into adulthood. She conveys so much about trauma and her depiction of her battle with anorexia and, then, motherhood is hugely powerful. Beautifully written, it is a complete and utter eye-opener.

Shattering, courageous and ultimately hopeful, it’s a book that I am certain you will find totally absorbing and one that you won’t forget. I can’t wait to hear what you think ~ S

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