FictionThe Leviathan by Rosie Andrews

The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews


Reading the first few pages of this book was utterly disconcerting. It was as if a mist descended around me, as if I could smell and sense the surroundings of England in the 1600s. I was catapulted into the setting and didn’t leave until the last page.

This is gothic, superstitious, luxuriously detailed historical fiction that will appeal to so many readers. Macabre, ominous, and chilling, if you liked The Essex Serpent, The Binding, Matrix or any Laura Purcell this is the book for you.

An instant Sunday Times Bestseller published this month, we follow protagonist Thomas Treadwater, a reluctant soldier in the civil war tearing England apart. He returns home to his sister, finding a new servant accused of witchcraft. As the plot unravels and the mystery deepens, with assistance from John Milton himself, he uncovers a dark, ancient tale immersed in biblical fear whilst fighting for the family he loves. 

Haunting, unsettling and atmospheric with a lot to say about the historic fears of society and the fetters on women amidst political and religious turbulence, this was a propulsive read. The sense of incremental dread as the story slowly builds is woven beautifully into the plot, the writing is sublime and the sense of time is clearly created by a huge amount of research but it is not saturated in detail at all. I raced through it and would highly recommend it for fans of this genre. You may need to sleep with the lights on after.

~ Chaya

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