Our ReviewsThe Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters


Gosh, this book. It was one of those ones that I picked up totally randomly and it just blew me away, taking me by utter surprise.

Mesmerisingly spooky and so damn eerie, it is the story of country physician, Dr Faraday. In the summer of 1948, he is called out to Hundreds Hall, home of the Ayres family for over two hundred years. Currently inhabited by Mrs Ayres and her son and daughter, the Hall is falling apart and it becomes clear that the family are in dire financial straits. 

As Faraday finds his life increasingly intertwined with the Ayres and the bizarre happenings that begin to occur, you’ll find yourself gripped by the utter tension that Waters creates in this superb gothic novel. To give away the twist would be downright wrong but just know that I genuinely couldn’t put it down — and it lingered long after I finished it. Absolutely NOT for the faint hearted ~ S 

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