BiblioreccsThe Mad Women’s Ball by Victoria Mas & Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

The Mad Women’s Ball by Victoria Mas & Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata


People are we in for a treat today, gracing our page we have none other than @holliepoetry as our guest recommender. A best selling author, poet, activist and all round stellar human, I read Slug and fell in love with her (cue ordering every book published and hours of watching her performing on YouTube). 

An ardent believer in education, unafraid to challenge the status quo or call out inequality, she is known for her inimitable wit and lyricism. Excitingly, she is going to be on tour this year, her shows are packed full of laughter, honesty and leave you with a sense of joy and hope for the future. She recommends two glorious books for us:

“The Mad Woman’s Ball: It’s been ages since I’ve really gotten into a fictional story. I was craving a book that’d keep me reading till 2am and leave me fallen asleep on the page and this was it. It’s a horrific and all too true tale set in a past Paris asylum but the friendships and the love and the science within the narration and dialogue had my heart and mind pulsing throughout. I loved it and I learnt a lot too and I love stories that do that. 

I loved Sayaka Murata’s last book ‘Convenience Store Woman’ and bought this because of that. This book is weird and wonderful and mixes such brutal reality with imagination and play in a way that totally drew me in. It is heart-aching and hilarious and makes me question every moral that has ever been stuffed down my throat by society”

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