CrimeThe Maid by Nita Prose

The Maid by Nita Prose


Twenty-five year old Molly is a maid at the Regency Grand five star hotel. She lives alone after the death of her grandmother and her life is one of structure and routine. She takes great pride in her job, which generally functions like clockwork. That is, until one day, she finds a dead body in one of the hotel suites. The Maid essentially is the pacy whodunnit that follows that fateful morning — and it’s one has received a great deal of acclaim. 

Though I understand why for many this was a real page turner, for me it was Molly who I found to be the stand-out element of this novel. A woman who struggles with social clues, who takes things a little too literally and who is likely neuro-atypical, she’s a throughly memorable character who I found myself rooting for from the get go. Think of Eleanor Oliphant’s distinct voice; if you loved her, you’ll surely love Molly, too.

Though the book itself is not the genre I’d typically pick up, I found this very readable. It would be great for a holiday and it has a lead protagonist who shines like the stars ~ S

I have to be honest – I wasn’t convinced by this book initially but it did grow on me, almost imperceptibly. It is hugely commercial, with broad appeal and will I’m sure make a great film with none other than our Oxford Galpal @florencepugh in the leading roll.

This is a cozy, easy to read murder mystery with a few elevating elements. Within the narrative arc are little moments of depth – from exploring Mollys difficulty in understanding social nuances, the denigration of people working in certain professions to the power disparity between genders, immigration and poverty.

An instant bestseller, racking up 200k plus reviews, The Maid is doing very well on the ground. A few reviews point to the second half feeling rushed with foreseeable twists. I must admit I didn’t see where this was going completely and did want to see the resolution. There was one scene I found deeply moving and emotive towards the end. Fans of Finlay Donavan and Eleanor Oliphant will enjoy this ~ C. 

Thank you so much to @harpercollins for sending us a proof copy {Ad:PR Copy}

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