CrimeThe Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman


It’s our stop on the #booktour for the second instalment of this record breaking series by @misterosman currently smashing the charts, number 1 both in hardback and in paperback.

We are so excited to announce that we are going to be joined by the agent extraordinaire who brought these books to print, the legendary (and frankly hysterical meme connoisseur) @mushenska from @mushensentertainment ~ watch out for the IGTV chat coming soon!!

Also: setting up an actual Insta account for Joyce @greatjoy69 is a stroke of genius – you are all BLOODY HILARIOUS. 

Now onto the main event. THIS. BOOK. We actually preferred it to Thursday Murder Club, this was slicker, funnier, bordering on ridiculous. The blending of genres is again done so well, you have a plot which is paced, the characters, who are more nuanced and layered, comedy and crime. It’s a hug in a book.

Osman is able to distill that quintessential British humour and idiosyncrasies so elegantly, injecting hilarity and joy into every page. It’s a winning formula – each character is representative of a whole group we all recognise, you will know a Joyce or a Ron. 

However there is also a genuine poignance underlying the story, from the trauma faced by one of the main characters, who is utterly diminished, to the themes of loneliness and dementia that is gut wrenching. The meaning of the title only becomes clear at the very end and made me really emotional, which we were not expecting.

We get the hype. This isn’t about lyrical prose, lengthy and complex drama or anything remotely pretentious. #thethursdaymurderclub is about people finding happiness and friendship whilst facing their later years and it’s almost magical. There are many famous people that write books to varying acclaim but the continuous, growing rapture for this series is testament to its commercial value and depth of feeling. 

Ad: Gifted Thank you so much for inviting us onto the #bookstagram tour and for our advance proof.

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