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The Measure by Nikki Erlick


So, after a lighter more engrossing read I picked up The Measure on the last day of my escape in the sun. This is a book we have been sent a pre-publication copy of ages ago but which never called to me until I began to see more and more hype building online. It’s up for a number of goodreads awards, and regularly receives five star reviews, better see what all the fuss is about was my thinking.

It honestly took me completely by surprise. The premise is a blend of dystopia, love and relationships – everyone in the world one day receives a box with one piece of string measuring the length of life you have. Chaos descends as civilisation faces a choice, to know or not to know. The story weaves around eight characters all interlinked. 

What I wasn’t expecting was the elements of philosophy and politics that @nikkierlickexplored alongside developing the central storylines – the prejudice against those with short strings and the way governments, elections and religions are impacted gave this an added sense of interest that elevated the plot for me.

I absolutely wanted more around where these strange boxes appeared from as that’s left unresolved but I liked the way this centred on the people at the heart of the story and their relationships. I wasn’t expecting to feel as moved as I was by the ending and various twists.

A thought provoking book, it is inevitable that you will read this and think what would I do? Would I want to know when everything will end, living every day counting down to my fate? 

This is one of those that I can understand the hype, I truly enjoyed reading it, but can also read the less effusive reviews and appreciate that perspective. It did make me reflect on life in all its beauty and power ~ C

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