ContemporaryThe Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig


This might be my favourite photo of a book yet!!!Maybe you are like me and if a book gets *too* much hype you tend to stay away. Midnight Library was one of THE books of 2020, winning the #goodreads fiction of the year award. All I can say is believe the hype. The paperback release is imminent from @canongatebooks

I read this in one go and was profoundly moved by its poignancy and relatability. The novel tells the story of Nora Seed, who, after attempting to take her own life, finds herself in limbo, or rather, in a library. The infinite books are alternative versions of Nora’s life that she can experience representing limitless possibility of finding happiness. 

The deep desire to go back and alter choices rectifying perceived mistakes is ubiquitous, featuring in many books and films (think it’s a wonderful life). I have long been fixated with the concept that to get to where I am, billions of decisions have been made by my ancestors. And let’s be honest who doesn’t look back and think what if? I kept pausing whilst reading this to reflect on my life. With ease @mattzhaig shows the vitality of the life we have and the power of releasing regret. With a deft hand he depicts the positive impact of Nora’s minor actions in those around her. 

This book made me genuinely grateful, I wouldn’t change anything in my past as I am happy with my present (even homeschooling). Friends who have a near constant stream of consciousness about their regrets and fears read this and appreciated things they never considered as important. 

When I am in a challenging time there are a number of books I reach to – the empowering poetry of Maya Angelou, or the inimitable wit of Jane Austen and this has been added to the list. The overarching theme of hope has stayed with me ever since, this is a book that is literally pulling people out of dangerous situations, saving lives and giving readers around the world light to fight darkness. Midnight Library is a story you can return to for that mental boost, that reassurance that whatever is going on, there is always something to carry on for, to be proud of.

~ Chaya

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