ClassicThe Mirror & The Light by Hilary Mantel

The Mirror & The Light by Hilary Mantel


An ultimate Friday Favourite. Hilary Mantel was the very first author that we connected over. It was that frisson of excitement when you find a kindred spirit that loves an author in the same way. Mantel is arguably one of the finest living writers today, her artistry extending to adapting her masterpieces for the stage.

Last night was the opening night of her @thersc finale in the Thomas Cromwell trilogy that has won two Booker prizes and changed the discourse on historical fiction. We went, copies in hand and had the most amazing evening.

We get that these mammoth books are not for everyone, they take perseverance and effort. However once the effort is exerted the reward is boundless. These historical figures have become our friends and companions and the entire production encapsulated the very essence of Mantel’s world in the most perfect way. 

From the dramatic use of lighting in a sparse stage, to the opulent costumes and phenomenal actors, we watched our Crumb walk towards his demise wishing the story would change. The characters are so nuanced, their very glances, laughs and expressions have significance. 

We actually think that even if you are not a Mantel reader but someone who loves the theatre and the tudors, this play is a stand alone stroke of brilliance that is thoroughly compelling and enjoyable. Congratulations to cast and crew, it was mesmerising from the first to last moment. 

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