CrimeThe Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley


Crime and thrillers are not my genre of choice. I can’t give a specific reason for it but plot heavy stories with lots of twists and turns just don’t really do it for me. However, I do enjoy having my mind changed by books and Lucy Foley’s bestselling new novel The Paris Apartment has done just that because I found myself totally and utterly gripped from beginning to end.

The story centres on an apartment block in Paris from where the dashing Benjamin Daniels has gone missing. His sister has arrived in the city to see him and of course, he’s not there to meet her. The plot unfolds from there and the story is told from her perspective as well as several other inhabitants of this Parisian apartment block, all connected to Ben.

I think Foley captures the spirit and atmosphere beautifully; I really felt like I was there, wandering the streets with Jess as she tries to solve the mystery. And though there were parts of the end that admit I found a little far-fetched, it actually didn’t really matter because as a read, this one was a damn good ride.

~ Sophie

I have never read any of best selling author @lucyfolley previous titles, her fans rave about her ability to capture her readers attention. We both couldn’t put this one down, I kept on thinking about it and was a tad annoyed when life got in the way interrupting my read! 

For me it was more enjoyable than I would have anticipated because Foley builds atmosphere and a sense of place brilliantly. With punchy, short chapters putting you in the mind of a whole cast of interconnected characters, the pace was kept up with twists but also character development which was crucial to keeping me interested.

With a creeping sinister feel mixed with Parisian style, I found myself turning to the end to see what happened half way through. I did predict some twists but some did surprise me! I loved the exploration of disparity in power within a relationship dynamic which was so compelling to watch unfold. Totally see why people would love this, I will be adding her previous books to my never ending list.

~ Chaya

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