MemoirThe Red Of My Blood by Clover Stroud

The Red Of My Blood by Clover Stroud


This book is much more than a book to be read and put back upon its shelf in a place where it could remain untouched for months, even years. No, this so much more; it is a book that we both believe will bring real comfort to those going through some of life’s darkest moments. A visceral memoir of grief yet simultaneously a celebration of a sister, of Nelle, and indeed the very essence of life itself, it will walk those who need it through loss. It will show them that they are truly not alone. 

Of course, the truth — though we may not like to go there — is that loss will effect us all. Though in different ways, it will touch all of our lives before indeed our own come to their close. So this is a book for everyone, a real gift from Clover to us all, published tomorrow.

We are genuinely honoured and grateful for her openness in our conversation which we will be sharing on IGTV. Stay tuned for a really special one coming tonight.

~ Sophie and Chaya
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